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October 2014


Digital advertisement created by True, New Zealand for Air New Zealand, within the category: Transport.

Advertising Agency: True, New Zealand
Production company: WETA Workshop
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Very nice! :)

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The virgin one was way cooler but ok

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bit of a waste of money...!

but on a separate note... was nice to see orcs and elves getting along!

Manuja Kodikara
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Nice>> the last part made me laugh...everyone getting along nicely.

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This video is the most interesting safety video that I have never seen. When I first time saw the safety video on airplane, I listen carefully and pay attention to the instructions. But later I get bored on the videos and start ignoring them. This safety video is very attractive for viewers and I’m desired to see what’s going on next in the video. The safety instructions are perfectly inserted to the story; they have clearly showed people the instructions and also make it fun and interesting to view. The Hobbits make New Zealand famous and that’s one of the reason that encourage people to visit New Zealand. The real characters from the movie definitely catches visitor’s eyes and give them a feeling of being in the Hobbits world. Customers will remember Air New Zealand by the amazing safety video that they saw. The Air New Zealand is developing a company image that contains friendly service and amazing journey experience. On the other side, I think too much entertainment and humor element for an air company would reduce people’s safety concern about the company. This four minute video looks expensive to me from its designs and images, I think this is too much costing for a safety video. The cost might not deserve the same market value to the company.

zhou wang
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This is great. Nice that they could pull it off.

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A big production that worked.

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