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October 2012
AECC:  Legal Text
AECC Digital Ad -  Legal Text


As a self-promotional campaign, the agency has decided to donate the legal text portion of all our emails to the Spanish Association against Cancer to help fight breast cancer.

Digital advertisement created by Road, Spain for AECC, within the category: Public Interest, NGO.


Texts like this go unnoticed every day. They are there, but you do not see them. They are present, but you ignore them. They can be of vital importance; however, you do not give them the attention they deserve. Breast cancer can also go unnoticed if you do not pay close enough attention. Unnoticed, a tiny lump can develop, grow and result in breast cancer. So in the fight against this cancer, preventive action must be taken through self-examination and, especially, periodic checkups to take care of any problems promptly and effectively. On 19 October, International Breast Cancer Day, go pink and help us in the fight to end this cancer that today affects so many people. Just enter, call 900 100 036 or put this text as the signature in all your emails. Together we can join forces to fight breast cancer harder than ever.
Before closing this email think of all we can achieve with your help. Fighting breast cancer is everyone’s business.

Advertising Agency: Road Publicidad, Barcelona, Spain
Creative Directors: Aitor Borrás, Maider Mendaza
Art Director: Maider Mendaza
Copywriter: Aitor Borrás
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Yeah, lumps and signature texts, they're both usually ignored. I get it. What I don't get is why they chose to run the campaign via ignorable signature texts. Maybe they should have made the font size really huge, ugly and unignorable, and tweaked the copy to something like "this could happen if little lumps are ignored"?

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