Condensed Milk of Outstanding Women

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August 2019
Ichnya: Condensed Milk of Outstanding Women
Ichnya: Condensed Milk of Outstanding Women
Ichnya Design Ad - Condensed Milk of Outstanding Women
Ichnya Design Ad - Condensed Milk of Outstanding Women

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In history textbooks, there are not many women's names. We heard about the actions of Skoropadsky, Kotsyubinsky, Bandera, but we have not heard anything about their wives who had a direct impact on their husbands, and as a result on the politics of Ukraine. Such depreciation of women’s role has led to the fact that 70% of men in Ukraine are convinced that the woman's place is in the kitchen. Decision To draw attention to the problem, we chose well-known "male" surnames (Bandera, Skoropadsky, Kotsyubinsky) and told the story of women who stood behind them. Our idea was a unique packaging design for a limited batch of condensed milk. One hundred sets were sent to the leading Ukrainian media, bloggers and opinion leaders. Results The bold choice of surnames attracted the attention of 189 Ukrainian and 73 Russian media. The number of fans of the “Ichnyansky dairy and cannery” page on Facebook has increased by 1200%. The project with a budget of $ 14.69 covered 26,820,589 users.

Design advertisement created by Tabasco, Ukraine for Ichnya, within the category: Food.

Advertising Agency: TABASCO creative agency, Kyiv, Ukraine
PR-Manager: Sofia Kasianenko
Account Manager: Natalia Zayko
Account Director: Elena Lapshova
Head Of Digital: Yevgenia Ruban
Copywriter: Anna Pronicheva
Art Director: Svetlana Gorovenko
Creative Director: Alexander Smirnov
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