IBM Watson IoT Centre, Munich

February 2017
IBM: IBM Watson IoT Centre, Munich
IBM: IBM Watson IoT Centre, Munich
IBM Design Ad - IBM Watson IoT Centre, Munich
IBM Design Ad - IBM Watson IoT Centre, Munich
Design: Universal Design Studio, Map Project Office
Production Company: Vok Dams
Film Studio: Pixamondo
Music/Sound Company: Klangerfinder
Design Company: Onformative
Creative Directors: Jason Holley, Jon Marshall
Project Architect: Satoshi Isono
Designers: Will Howe, Juri Nishi, Paul Wolfson, Michael Garnett, Alexey Kostikov, Elif Duztepe
Creative Director: Cedric Ebener
Director: Ulrike Elmann
Creative Director: Miriam Wüstefeld
Project Manager: Carina Pollmeier
Producer: Pascal Tonecker
Director: Jan Fiedler
Producer: Malte Banz
Creative Director: Cedric Kiefer
Producer: Moco Raffael Ziegler
General Manager: Harriet Green
Head of Watson IoT: Niklaus Wasser
Creative Director: Mark Podlaseck
IBM Fellow and Chief Agitator: John Cohn
Symbiotic Design, Cognitive Environments: David O Melville
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