Introducing: The First Ever Doritos Towel Bag

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January 2019


The Doritos Towel Bag is made out of 100% terry towel cloth.

It’s machine-washable, making it reusable and sustainable. The Towel Bag doesn’t replace the regular Doritos bag, but serves as a unique pouch that suits Doritos bags of various sizes.

To sum it up - It’s the problem and the solution, packed together in a neat little Towel Bag.

Since this is an issue widely common in the gamers community, Doritos has collaborated with BUG, the largest gaming retailer in Israel, for a limited early launch of the Doritos Towel Bag. The campaign, which heavily targets the Israeli gaming community, also includes a collaboration with leading Israeli gaming YouTubers.

Design advertisement created by GefenTeam, Israel for Doritos, within the category: Food.

Advertising Agency: Gefen Team, Tel Aviv, Israel
Product Design: Ram Solell
Director: Asaf Asulin
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I need this in my life badly.

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Agency: How about we invent towel for dirty Doritos fingers?
Client: Sure!
Agency: So can we show messy fingers in the commercial?
Client: Hell no. Use a bag of Nacho Cheese Doritos that are inexplicably plain and have no seasoning.
Agency: You going to pay us still?
Client: Sure!
Agency: Sounds good. We're on it.

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