Perceptual Art Pieces

June 2018


Modern sculptor Michael Murphy is known for three-dimensional, anamorphic works of art that require a change in perspective in order to appreciate them fully. His pieces challenge viewers in much the same way A&E shows challenge viewers: to look closer and gain a new perspective. These sculptures are physical objects, discovered and transformed from one reveal to the next as the camera tracks under and around the pieces.

A&E Network partnered with Michael Murphy to create new on-air identity pieces. These pieces surrounded the launch of the new season of the Emmy-Award winning, critically-acclaimed docuseries Intervention. For the first time in series history, the season followed interconnected stories of addicts and their families suffering at the hands of the national opioid crisis. This Intervention series piece, like the series itself, captures the hope created in moving from disease to treatment: it communicates that even in a national emergency, one can find “hope.” Sound design was kept to an absolute minimum to keep focus on the gravity and ingenuity of the piece itself. The A&E brand piece embodies the discovery that comes when we look closer.

Production Company: The Light
Color: Nice Shoes
Edit/Sound: Attitude Post
Executive Creative Director: Tim Nolan
VP Brand Creative: Jonathan Davis
Senior Director of Production: Kate Leonard
Sculptor: Michael Murphy
Creative Director: Mary Traina
Director of Photography: Angel Barroeta
Production: Beck Morrison
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