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May 2020

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Ramadan is an important moment for the beauty and hygiene routines of women in the region, and now more than ever, both the women who usually go to salons and those who don’t, will beautify themselves at home. So, while Veet was always there for women as their ‘salon at home’ option, it is now their best option. To bring this insight to life, throughout Ramadan Veet has challenged some of the region’s leading influencers to show the world their personal beauty corner and highlight that every home that carries Veet is a salon. In turn, influencers are asking their followers to celebrate their personal beauty routine by sharing their home salon. There has always been intrigue around celebrities’ personal lives and the desire to see the inside of their homes. Veet paired that intrigue with the constraints of being on lockdown to create both a relevant and entertaining campaign that reinforces its position as the salon-at-home brand.

Content advertisement created by Havas, United Arab Emirates for Veet, within the category: Beauty.

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