August 2017


This short film was the centerpiece of our annual Portland Thorns FC membership (season ticket holder) renewal platform ahead of the 2018 season. Beyond their individual talents, it's the long hours and repetition of training that makes this team of world-class athletes shine. Their dedication and skill is matched only by the passion of the best supporters in the world – and when the two come together the stadium truly sings. We created a dynamic, compelling piece of content showcasing the strength and power of our athletes and the energy of the Thorns’ unparalleled match experience, through the prism of a custom soundtrack based entirely on native audio. In addition to driving a high annual membership renewal rate, we simultaneously shared this piece through various social/digital platforms to drive general engagement with existing fans, while also using it as a tool to introduce the brand to new supporters.

Creative Director: Alex Kocher
Cinematographer: Nick Lamping
Composer: Nolan Gordin
Location Audio: Phil Gerke
Marketing: Cory Dolich
VP, Broadcasting: Matt Smith
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