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June 2020
Ritmo Visual: Frequentia
Ritmo Visual: Frequentia
Ritmo Visual Content Ad - Frequentia
Ritmo Visual Content Ad - Frequentia


A successful film always make you feel something. Frequentia is a cinematic and sensorial experience that guides us through the beta brainwaves, the waves associated with strong emotions like anger, fear, anxiety, anticipation, focus and attention. Brainwaves are the invisible waves that operate on different frequencies in our brains. These waves are so powerful they can influence our behavior or even how we feel.

The film invites you to join Lucas Melo, one of the best mountain boarders in the world, as he navigates a tricky mountain course. But beyond that, it enables you to experience the same emotions as the main protagonist. “It may look like a regular sports movie. There’s a challenge, a tough dare, a victory. But there is also a strange frequency that actually effects your feelings. I know that every good film tries to make you feel something, and I think Frequentia really accomplishes this”, says Pedro Marques, the film’s writer and director.

Content advertisement created by Ritmo Visual, Brazil for Ritmo Visual, within the categories: Agency Self-Promo, Professional Services.

Film production: Ritmo Visual
Writer and Director: Pedro H. M. Marques
Director of Photography: Marco Lomiller
Producer: Pedro H. M. Marques
Associate Producer: Patrick Caracas, Mayra Donatelli, Marco Lomiller
Executive Producer: Pedro H. M. Marques
Cast: Lucas Melo
Drone Operator: Marco Lomiller
Assistant camera: Ivan Muniz
Post Production Coordinator: Pedro H. M. Marques
Edited / Motion: Julius Bueno
Colorist: Luca Leocádio
ART: Sávio Hatherly
Copy: Marcelo Carvalho
Audio producer: Alma1111
Musical Production|SFX: Diego Raso
Support: Trilhas do Olimpo Mountain park
Special Thanks: Rafaela Motta, Katia Marques , Jonathan Muralha, Augusto Zago
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