Does Anyone Beautiful, If He Can't See?

May 2019


In Bangladesh the number of corneal blindness is 5 lacs. Every year, new 3 thousand people are being added with this number. Posthumous eye donation can largely solve this dreadful problem so easily. But the awareness about the posthumous eye donation is very poor in Bangladesh. Therefore, proper awareness drive is the basic need to solve this problem. Radiant Pharmaceuticals, being one of the top listed pharmaceutical companies came front and joined hands together with Rotary Club of Dhaka Central to drive the awareness campaign. Objective: To build awareness about the posthumous eye donation among the general population of Bangladesh. Idea: Eye is the gateway of your heart to indulge yourself in the beauty of life. A blind person is the most unfortunate person in the world who can’t even imagine what beauty is! We wanted to let the general people realize about this deep sorrow of the blind people. This realization will make them grateful to the Almighty and inspire them to be a cause of a blind person to see the beautiful world. Execution: To achieve the idea, we crafted a story showing the most beautiful and emotional relationship of a mother and a blind child. In this beautiful relationship, mother tells beautiful stories to her blind child. The child has the thirst to know what is beauty and as she can’t see, therefore, is she beautiful? Finally, we made a film that is- - Splendid in story crafting - Simple but touchy in copy writing - Arty in art direction - Heart filling awesome in music - Storytelling is Cinematography The main campaign line that blown everyone’s mind away is – Does Anyone Beautiful, If He Can't See? Based on this copy, we crafted the story of this content. We tried to capture near to real life emotions through art direction and cinematography. We shot the whole film in slow motion to bring intense emotion. The background music gave it a new height in creating an emotional atmosphere. Besides, the ambiance sound created the world of imagination for a blind girl and portrayed the wailing of life of a blind person.

Advertising Agency: The PH Factor, Dhaka, Bangladesh
Chief Executive Officer: Omar Hasib
Group Creative Manager: Shehab Masum
Copywriter: Shehab Masum, Omar Hasib
Manager, Art: Tania Tanjuman
Junior Creative, Art: Slaluddin Ahmed
Account Manager: Sabbir Sourov
Senior Account Executive: Nuzhat Binte Osman
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