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June 2021
Pony Malta: #RideThePride
Pony Malta: #RideThePride
Pony Malta Content Ad - #RideThePride
Pony Malta Content Ad - #RideThePride


Bullying is a problem that affects many teenagers in Colombia and around the world. One of the main reasons is their sexual orientation. Ahead of International Pride Day (27th June, 2021), ABInBev’s Pony Malta, one of the leading beverages among teens in Colombia, has launched a new campaign to highlight the bullying that takes place throughout skateboarding, one of the sports in which participants are bullied the most due to their sexual orientation, identity or gender expression.

Pony Malta and their agency, MullenLowe SSP3, have launched #RideThePride, a movement that aims to help skaters destroy the fear that comes with being bullied by doing something they love: skateboarding. They have designed a range of skateboards that showcase some of the main feelings associated with bullying: fear, failure silence, loneliness, rejection, pain, and gifted them to LGBTQ+ skaters who have experienced bullying within the sport.

The aim of the campaign is for skaters to destroy the boards during a session, with the message: ‘Skateboarding is the best way to defeat skateboarding prejudices’. The stories of these athletes were documented to invite all athletes to skate against bullying on International Pride Day.

The brand has also partnered with Colombia Diversa, It Gets Better Colombia, LGBTQ Working Table, and the sports movement Sobre Ruedas Girls, to create a helpline to assist those who have been victims of bullying.

Content advertisement created by MullenLowe Group, Colombia for Pony Malta, within the category: Non-Alcoholic Drinks.

Advertising Agency: MullenLowe SSP3, Colombia
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