Ocean Mother

May 2021

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“Ocean Mother” follows Kimi Werner - a champion spear fisherwoman and a free diver who shows us a glimpse of her life, whilst contemplating the ocean and motherhood. The five-minute film was scripted, directed, and shot by Miko Lim, an award-winning commercial director and photographer. Miko’s bold, but natural style allows him to successfully translate the serene nature of the ocean, using subtle and smooth sounds and toned down colours.

Opening on a close up shot of Kimi’s spear, the film jumps to her interview recording as she discusses her personal views and understanding of the ocean. The viewer is immediately immersed in the character’s story and transferred from the surface of the ocean and its crashing waves to its peaceful depths and tranquility.

Creative film company: Farm League
Director, Cinematographer, Editor: Miko Lim
Production Company: Farm League
Founder, Executive Producer: Tim Lynch
Executive Producer: Michael Pizzo
Producer: David Burden
Talent: Kimi Werner
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