Animals like no other

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October 2019

On our planet, we can find more than 300 different dogs of breed. No matter where there from, purebred dogs share the same genetic characteristics; size, color and even personality trades. These purebred dogs are usually sold and bought at extremely high prices, while on the streets, stray dogs are abandoned and mistreated every day. Most of them never get adopted or are taken in by dog shelters and end up having to fend for themselves, scouting for food and a warm safe place to sleep every night. We believe that each street dog is unique and special in its own way and that their originality is worth highlighting. Therefore, “Animales sin hogar” presents: Animals like no other. A board game that seeks to raise awareness on the importance of celebrating every street dogs’ differences and originality. But how? By redefining the classic Memory Board Game. As we all know, this game consists in pairing each card with its identical match, but there’s a catch. There are two unpairable cards, two unique stray dogs, two “animals like no other”. In order to amplify our message, we sent the game to the top local news channels and influencers. Through this game, we were able to shine a light on what makes every stray dog unique, it´s originality. And today, we are happy to say that a lot of our furry four legged friends adopted a family to love.

Advertising Agency: Suárez & Clavera, Montevideo, Uruguay
Creative Director: Valentina Amilivia
Graphic Designer: Damian Minacapilli
Copywritter: Carlos Pelossi
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