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July 2020


Directed by Dome Karukoski, “294” is a short documentary on Finnish grocery store staff during the corona crisis in spring 2020. The document was commissioned by HOK-Elanto as a tribute and a show of gratitude towards all professional front line workers who support our everyday lives in stores, healthcare, and other places. This exceptional time and its heroes deserve to get documented.

The title of the documentary, “294” comes from a study commissioned two years ago by Suomen Kuvalehti, where cashiers are considered the 294th most prestigious profession in Finland. Now, coronavirus has put that result into a very strange light. “I salute these people. They keep our lives normal at this abnormal time," says director Dome Karukoski.

Content advertisement created by Bob the Robot, Finland for HOK-Elanto, within the categories: Public Interest, NGO, Retail Services.

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