A New Jingle For A New Era

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April 2021


The summer of 2020 exposed deep-seeded racism in American culture, even in a once-beloved ice cream truck song. Though Good Humor had no association with that song, they responded with an idea that spread joy to ALL neighborhoods.

On Aug. 13, the brand teamed up with hip-hop icon the RZA to drop a new jingle. The cherry on top? Good Humor reworked the song’s usage rights to make it free to ice cream truck drivers in perpetuity, ensuring its melody could spread joy for generations to come.

What began as a simple idea became an instant classic with the help of a musical genius. Almost immediately, RZA and Good Humor had the song of the summer.

-Good Humor’s collaboration with RZA trended on Twitter, hit the front page of Reddit, and garnered a nationwide push notification from Apple News.
-Our program earned over 700 placements, including Rolling Stone, CNN, Vice, and The Today Show. We racked up 3+B impressions, with features on national news, radio, local TV, podcasts, and countless Firestarter online publications. Good Humor’s jingle won the Internet for the day.
-Our videos gained 1.8 million organic views and the comments on social showed a deep appreciation for Good Humor's action.
-All the attention and gratitude even led to an unintended spike in Good Humor’s e-comm business.

Finally, we got the coveted endorsement from the ultimate authority on ice cream jingles. Nichols Electronics, the manufacturer responsible for 97% of all ice cream truck music boxes in the US, announced that moving forward, they were replacing “Turkey in the Straw” with our jingle. Permanently.

In the end, a 200-year-old racist anthem was replaced with a new tune by one of today’s most successful Black artists. And our jingle will live on as a summer tradition spreading joy across America.

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