Abe and Trump Being Frank

October 2020

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Production Company: O Positive
Director: Brian Billow
Writers: Jay Manheimer, Brian Billow
EP: Ralph Laucella
Line Producer: Grayson Bithell
Production Manager: Sameet Patadia
Social Media producer: Vanessa Golenia
DP: Sebastian Pfaffenbichler
Production Designer: Maia Jovan
Costume Designer: Laura Eckert
First AD: Greg McCollum
Editorial Companhy: Arcade Edit
Editors: Geoff Hounsel, Sean Lagrange, Dean Miyahira
Editorial Producer: Alexa Atkin
Finishing & Grade: The Mill
Creative Director: John Leonti
Executive Producer: Anastasia Von Rahl
Associate Producer: Bret Aros
Colorist: Logan Highlen
2D Artist: Patrick Dirks
Delivery Artist: Chris Knight
Casting: RMB Casting
Music: N.O.R.E.
Producer: Hazardis Soundz, Spkilla
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