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so cool

Fk Mikenj
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It nice but all its doing is raising the profile of Monster.

If you think about it, if you needed a career change you can't just go on monster and become a surgeon or whatever, you would have to get to University and study etc etc..

not slagging it off as at the end of the day it puts monster out there but the actual thinking behind it is misleading!

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If you have the talent to be a surgeon, but got the wrong job you can use to help you put your talent to good use. They don't give you the talent, they help you use it the way you like.

The third ad in this campaing is just about surgeons.

Chico Ribeiro
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the entire campaign is very nice...

bj if u dont have anything to add, dont bother commenting.. if ur so great y dont u put up some of ur insightful campains to comments..

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i believe i have added something. I'm not trying to be one of these people that slags off everything cause there is plenty of people on here that do that.

But i do have a point. Monster can't make you change from a chef to a surgeon etc.

I do like it, it puts monster name out there. But the actual theme is misleading.

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This peice of ambient is showing that hockeys players if they dont get the right job(which is playing hockey) have to sadly settle for sweeping streets... if u want such a literal/spoonfed explanation...
so monster is here to help you do that...

whats strategicaly wrong about that? obviously u can not become a doctor if ur not trained as one... but they nowhr r mentioning that...

its not about ur comments or about this particular peice that im defending so much, im sick of smartass comments on this site...

some ppl think they have to comment for the sake of it...

i think they r just frustrated creatives or wannabe creatives, just jealous that someone got thier stuff out.. while they did'nt

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Please i'm not trying to be smart i'm, like you i'm sick of people putting smart arse comments. And your right there is frustrated creatives or wannabe creatives, just jealous that someone got thier stuff out.. while they did'nt.

But the comment board is for discussion thats what its here for. It would be c**p if everything that was said was great love it. But yes at the same time there is a lot of people putting comments on to be snide and trying to be smart.

If i'm honest i work at a ad agency and a lot of us looked at this. And it caused a debate which i decided to put on here to see what others felt. I'm with you i think it works and does the job. I was just putting on here what the other half thought thats all.

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sorry to say...
but maybe ur stuck in the wrong job....

u should be a lawyer...
advocating plebians in the agency who dont understand a simple ambient...

maybe u should be robin hood ;D

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you should be a little bit open minded. Everyone has a different take on things. No campaign idea or whatever is going to have everyone saying great i love it etc.

They do understand it but for some it gives off other messages.

hence the comments board for discussion!

as for being a lawyer i don't think so i'm doing just fine in what i do!

aren't you trying to be smart with your comments thought you hated people who did that?

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That´s a great idea.

I don´t agree with BJ´s opinion. You can´t take every single ad literally. The concept behind a job agency is that they help you to choose your future, find your own way, something like that. Otherwise you can just figure "why do people go to job agencys? They should just go to school and become all doctors and lawyers. There´s no need for an agency like that".

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i agree with you i just thought i put the comments of what some people said in are studio. I argued for it saying it was good!

was just curious what others thought. Your right you can't take every ad literally thats what i was saying.

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Is very similar to the campaign of jobsintown, which is much, much better

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very very good ambient !

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Good. It's funny, it grabs attention, it is something to talk about... It has it.

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