The world's first executive Chair Rodeo

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April 2009
Wirtschaft Woche:  The world's first executive Chair Rodeo
Wirtschaft Woche Ambient Ad -  The world's first executive Chair Rodeo


Other additional credits: Agency Producer: Sandra Heldner, Production Company: Viv Deutschland GmbH

WirtschaftsWoche is Germany's leading business magazine for top decision makers. To meet this target group eye to eye, the magazine regularly runs promotions at business fairs and airports. Our goal was to develop a promotion to raise traffic levels at the stand by distributing free copies to as many people as possible, letting them see the core benefits of WirtschaftsWoche for themselves.

Under the slogan 'Stay on top', we created the world's first executive chair rodeo. Instead of a bucking bronco, we mounted an executive chair on a bull riding machine a humorous way of demonstrating how difficult it is to stay at the top. The promotion is still on tour as a roadshow, calling at key business events across Germany.

To stay at the top, you need top information. The promotion proved that WirtschaftsWoche understands perfectly the turbulence top decision makers face in the current economic climate, and how rickety things can be in the hot seat.

Thousands of people had fun trying out the executive chair rodeo. And many more had fun watching. The ride made the WirtschaftsWoche stand a key highlight at every fair, and the number of subscriptions was several times higher than average. More importantly for WirtschaftsWoche, however: its attractiveness ratings were higher too. Because the promotion not only captured the zeitgeist, but also appealed to the target group's humour.

Ambient advertisement created by Jung von Matt, Germany for Wirtschaft Woche, within the category: Media.


Stay on top.

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Indeed it beats the economist by far! Job well done!!! Tribute to K!!!!!

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It's good, but didn't Ecomomist do something similar?

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very well done.........

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like it more than the economist bull;)

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a LOT better then the economist bull
damn JVM does it again

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hrhr matti ;-)

i think it´s better than the economist bull but it´s still too similar ;-(
weimar rocks!

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Agreed. WAY better than the Economist "Bull". Much more appropriate.

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"I love some things, and don't love some other things."

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i would try that for sure!

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I like the idea of the chair instead of the economist's bull...

but the economist did it first...

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They didn´t do it first, they put it first on adsoftheworld.

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I think the idea is much stronger then the economist thing.

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WOW!!! way better than the economist's bull!!! love it!!!

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Check the film link to this idea. Very nice:

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It´s not the question who did it first. It´s about who did it best. And that was definately JvM. Respect.

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yep that's way better!

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Indeed it beats the economist by far! Job well done!!! Tribute to K!!!!!

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jvm playing copycat???
it's the beginning of the end.

So you put moustache on Monna Lisa and you are better than Leonardo?

the insight is good, but who though it first, JvM Berlin or BBDO New york?
Ivan, can you check it?

bad copy
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