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saw a better one with an airplane photo covering the whole side of the bus, even the tyres of the bus were used as the plane's tyres.

this one looks like a washing machine, especially on the smaller pictures.

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yes, i saw the one as well. washing machine...hum....yes...abit alike

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I love outdoor advertising, haha. And I love this idea :)

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original doodles + creative sweat =

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Washing machine? I thought t'was a toilet seat (from a far). Let's not be harsh... Good connection with the copy by placing it on the bus. On the brief I'd say. Great? I don't know. It's kinda so-so for me. Crazy stunts done over and over again in time. Kinda tires you all, don't you think?

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Trying to retire ad-man

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Ha ha its really effective outdoor advertising I guess...

"Idea never die"

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But I am sure the guy sitting inside won't be that happy...its blocking his view while other enjoy with the big window!!...But agreed...its a good outdoor ad!!

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Looks totally fake. Is it just a paper stuck on the window, one rain and there goes the paper.

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addyhoch10's picture

desi you're smelling a rat again? ;)

this time i agree with you though, it really looks like a simple poster.
this is gonna get ripped off by airstream.

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classi concept. keep it up guys

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Air travel at land travel fares. I love this idea

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Moreover the idea is nice and working as it has strong support of copywriting.

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