Ocean Life Installation

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September 2010
Vancouver Aquarium:  Ocean Life Installation
Vancouver Aquarium Ambient Ad -  Ocean Life Installation


The Vancouver Aquarium was seeking a way to raise awareness and registration numbers for the Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup. Preventable litter such as plastics have long-term impacts on our wildlife including entanglement and ingestion. Vancouver and Toronto residents were greeted by unique aquatic animal sculptures along the shoreline. The large, life-like sculptures were 100% made of litter found on Canadian shorelines and other reusable materials, representing aquatic life in their natural ecosystems. In Vancouver, three seals were placed at English Bay; while in Toronto, a school of 60 fish were positioned jumping through the water of Ashbridge’s Bay. Following the one day installations, registrations for the Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup exceeded campaign estimates, and PR value achieved equated to four times the cost of the campaign.

Ambient advertisement created by Smak, Canada for Vancouver Aquarium, within the category: Recreation, Leisure.

Advertising Agency: smak, Vancouver, Canada
Creative Director: Claire Lamont
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jackmancer2017's picture

I like the idea but I doubt it's going to create whole buzz in the media despite the agency saying it was 4 times PR value compared to the cost. It's just minimal reach.

Louise Lynch's picture

Thanks for your feedback Jack – glad you liked the idea. The installations gave us a unique talking point to promote the Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup. To increase awareness beyond those who physically visited the sites, we distributed images across Canada, which were featured in both mainstream and environmental media. This one day event achieved 30 media hits, 15 million media and online impressions, a flurry of social media discussions and most importantly, an increase in registrations for the campaign.

Louise Lynch
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I think Jack is right for that one...anyone ?

CuriousPencil's picture

No, Jack. Your 'doubting' media reach would be better served asking what the media reach actually is, as has helpfully been provided here by Louse Lynch. I'm gladdened to see anything done to clear up any shoreline, and congratulations to the organisation for doing this.

I suppose this isn't the forum to raise the figures of that same organisation's responsibility for an estimated death toll of 9 orca and some 15 dolphins in recent years, under the debatable auspices of 'conservation,' so I'll just let that one lie.

And just marvel instead at the balls they had to show wildlife free as part of a campaign to keep them caged.

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