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July 2011


Ushuaia Ibiza Beach Hotel has been wowing guests on the White Isle since its opening earlier this year. The innovative hotel, which forms part of the Fiesta Hotel Group portfolio is decked out with the most up-to-date decor and every corridor, bar and bedroom is peppered with distinctive features which range from the exquisitely beautiful, the luxurious to the downright bizarre. So, it’s only fitting that this bang on trend hotel is accompanied by the most cutting edge technology. This week, Ushuaia Ibiza Beach Hotel has announced the launch of their Facebook sharing initiative – a first for the hotel industry. Hotel guests, and everyone who attends the concerts, will be given the option of wearing a slim wristband synchronised to their Facebook profile. Throughout the hotel there will be various points where guests can check in, take pictures or post a status according to where they are positioned in the hotel, simply by swiping their wristband across a sensor. Guests are encouraged to tag themselves in as many pictures as they like and swiping in different locations will post different messages on their Facebook wall such as, ‘Hanging out at the Ushuaïa Ibiza Beach Hotel...Jealous?’

Ambient advertisement created by Dorst & Lesser, Spain for Ushuaïa, within the category: Transport.

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gioborde's picture

Nothing new, nothing extrordinary. I was actually waiting for the breakthrough innovation to show up.

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ClickAndRun's picture

Useless... you would like to use this during your vacation!? Not me. 5 for the technology

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This is excellent! What an excellent idea! Many people ACTUALLY (esp the party type) like to update themselves on these kinds of things on their facebooks. (You'll find people updating about many things while they're "away".) This way ppl will be able to update things with less difficulty, ppl will enjoy doing it, and the hotel gets free publicity!

Personally, I don't update with this stuff because I don't have access but this allows ppl access easily. I'd do it if I were having fun like that.

Hammad S
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morse's picture

I would not use this service, but I can see people liking it. And it will certainly generate a lot of traffic to the hotel's site.

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jackblack's picture

Great tech. Not really a great concept.

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done by coke

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Trifles make perfection, and perfection is no trifle.

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Find a lost bracelet and have some fun on some ones account.

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Nike Diesel
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facetime coke

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Maybe it would work better in a time when there were no smartphones...

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I have an iPhone that does all that and can get me pizza when I'm high. This is like two girls one cup, minus the cup.

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Great boobs!

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simply i can use my smart phone to check in and for instant upload.

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I know that today we have Facebook and so many tech gadgets, but if you are having a superb vacation, do you really have the time to update your Facebook profile. I just do that when I get home from any vacation. That way I use all the time for actually taking advantage of my vacation. Hope you understand my point of view. Of course, every person is free to do what ever they feel like doing.

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