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I HATE when people do stuff like this. DON"T touch my car!

Honest Dave
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and I hate sexist ads.

Is it too difficult to design a device both looking nice and also working fine? Who says men can not enjoy aesthetics?

That damn way of thinking keep the sexist virus alive as long as this small minded "creators" can think really creative.

I can understand any device has various colors and pattern... but a navigation device just for women? Shame!

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Woman are from Venus, man are from Mars.

Nothing wierd about products specially designed for woman. Or do you walk in male jeans as well?

I agree with first post though, Don't touch my car!
Second, couldn't these guys just cut out the sticker in the Tom Tom shape...?

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Agree with Honest Dave. Is bad to touch the people car.

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who the fuck dare to touch my car ! isn't it something most of us will say after seeing iut in real on their car ?

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