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this project was a big letdown, or maybe because I wasn't invited to the million dollar dinner that they wasted their money on wooing celebrities.

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... its already been done...

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get the runs in a good cause, eh?
i'd love to know how much money they really spent for this and how much they earned. guess the agency's work was quite expensive, otherwise they wouldn't have had to ask students to do the posters
anyway, seems they created some awareness for their cause so maybe all this was worth it.

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One of the best projects ever because of this: "Cost to Unicef: $0" and those awesome results.

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big let down? maybe ur existence is - could u have thought of something better german? simple and effective? maybe the celebrities did it for free becos the idea was extremely workable!

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No matter wat you do,
33% of the people will love it,
33% of the people will hate it,
And the rest won't give a fcuk.

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calm down. malaysian.
and please read my whole comment next time you tinker with the idea of replying to it.

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cost nothing ? but where all the cost coming from for the launch and prints and the agency ?

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no cost ? but who paying for the print and the design anyway ? and so is the agency

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