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April 2008
SunChips:  Solar energy
SunChips Ambient Ad -  Solar energy


Ambient advertisement created by Juniper Park, United States for SunChips, within the category: Confectionery, Snacks.


Made with the help of solar energy.

Advertising Agency: Juniper Park, USA
Chief Creative Officers: Terry Drummond, Alan Madill, Barry Quinn
Art Director: Hylton Mann
Producers: John Silva, Debbie Ingham, Kathie Hintsa
Copywriter: Andy Linardatos
Client Service: Dana Brochu
Media: Angie Assa, Andrea Montano, Rachel Weinstein, Erika Munson
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newfoundheart's picture

looks too cheap.

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a dreamer, babay.
sumsum's picture

that's because it's a fake. i strongly doubt this board has ever seen a single ray of sun. not mentioning the bad photoshopping...

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capywriter's picture

Mmm... not bad at first thought... Just hope the sun shines a lot more in you're area than in mine. Actually it doesn't seem sunny at all at the moment this was shot... bit weird no? And how much time during a day would the sun be in the right angle to get it as nice as this?? Or is it manipulated and the text is actually written with the effect of a shadow? In that cases it weakens the whole idea... Nice thought and insight... not really realistic to execute the best way...

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Copywriter at Freelance
Abra Cadabra's picture

Not real.

Abra Cadabra
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mono's picture

please please, its cloudy, bad photoshop, I thought that this page was for real ads, no for this

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Art Director
Jet Propulsion Lab's picture

The client has to realize that the ROI for this type of an idea is very iffy. They could very well end up wasting their money on a blank piece of billoard if the weather doesn't cooperate. And of course, at night (which is half the media buy,) their money is going straight down the drain. But when everything lines up (the sun, the board and the street audience,) this could be magic. This is a perfect board for always sunny SoCal and those Southern-most states.

But after seeing the idea done for a fast food chain and the rising sea level, etc. the gimmick has lost its novelty.

Jet Propulsion Lab
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robottttrockkkk's picture

como grafica no me gusta, como panel podria quedar chevre.

[ ]

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Copywriter at Quorum / Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi
Heaven's picture

De estudiante de 1er semestre de la universidad!! Pésimo el "efecto" de sombra, la tipografía "a mano" está mal hecha, muy mal... Coincido con Renzo, como cartelera quedaría increíble.

Qué valor para publicarlo aquí.


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klaussnow's picture

hmmm, can you say piggybacking??? hello McD's and that rising Sea level one!!!

Activity Score 1645
Art Director |

... its already been done...

vote4pedro's picture

bad photoshop even for a fake ad. aside from that, it reminds me too much of this great mcdonald's billboard

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Rog's picture

My thoughts exactly, v4P.
And this is a much smarter idea.

Activity Score 6080
Copywriter |

>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

adstrike's picture

love this, one of the best outdoor ads... McDonalds i mean

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rebelscum's picture

U beat me to it.

But I expect to see a LOT of sundial/shadow stuff in the not-too-distant future.


"I saw a subliminal ad executive once, but only for a second." - The Wright

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Art Director at Large & IN Charge |


I have thousands of pencils and $1.50 so I'm off to Starbucks

DarkSide's picture


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mrtalented's picture

looks fake

Activity Score 2171
Creative Director
Alistair C.'s picture

fake, cheap and irrelevant. it advertises solar chips (that produce energy, right?) showing a shadow that... is not a form a energy.

Alistair C.
Activity Score 692
Abra Cadabra's picture

I got the impression that this was a billboard for Sun Chips, the snack chips (you know, the stuff you eat).

Abra Cadabra
Activity Score 102
Olafski001's picture

this is A: fake and B: bad
the idea of playing with a shodow is great but it is not used in a smart way; like the mcdonalds one
(which i hadn't seen but is absolutely brilliant)

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Copywriter |
Kinky's picture

It doesn't look real. The shadow is too long.

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®'s picture

emmmm... photoshop?

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Art Director
JFDreamer's picture


Activity Score 176
BBDO - Perú |

keep smilling

creativewannabe's picture

McDonald's outdoor - SUPERB

Solar chips - SUPERFICIAL

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crazydave's picture

guys if you did this ad for real it would win an award, unfortunately it's fake and you did a really bad job of making it look real. It's a great idea, but a fake execution done badly. Get a real client.

Activity Score 114
mrtalented's picture

it's not that good to win an award even it's real

Activity Score 2171
Creative Director
FlyingTorpedo's picture

I think they used inDesign for this, hahahaha...terrible

Activity Score 54
Alma DDB / Miami Ad School |

the Flying torpedo

Wheelspin's picture

A new low in fake ads.

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newbie creative's picture

cool idea, poor execution.
maybe made in ms paint or something.

newbie creative
Guest's picture

This billboard was real, it ran in San Fransisco, check it out

Guest's picture

This bill board was real. it ran in San Fransisco. check it out

ASK Creative Consultancy's picture

fakeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. photoshop!!!!!

ASK Creative Co...
Activity Score 26
Chief Creative Officer at ASK Creative Consultancy
Guest's picture

Um, nobody noticed the letters are backwords? a shadow is a shadow, not a mirror.

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