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August 2010
Suicide prevention office:  Bridge
Suicide prevention office Ambient Ad -  Bridge


Devastating facts: In Serbia in average 1500 persons take their own lives per year, 40 jumping from Belgrade bridges.

Idea: For this specific action, we have chosen biggest Belgrade bridge. From the bridge we have projected a message with phone number of the Suicide Prevention Office. The projected message and phone number can be seen when looking down from the bridge only.

Ambient advertisement created by McCann, Serbia for Suicide prevention office, within the category: Public Interest, NGO.


You are not alone

Advertising Agency: McCann Erickson Belgrade, Serbia
Creative Directors: Jana Savic Rastovac, Vladimir Cosic
Art Director: Marko Savic
Creative coaching: Milos Stankovic, Yaniv Mlinarski
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can it be seen in daytime?

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Good effort. Can't do much more than this beyond fencing off the bridge. Although, do they all go to the centre to jump?

Anonymous Author
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Write a wise saying and your name will live forever – Anonymous.

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A good effort if it's only to draw attention to this problem and not to find a solution to the problem!

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Simple ideas are the best !

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I totally agree with you; they state that 40 cases out of 1500 made suicide from this bridge; you can't solve the problem by this ambient idea but yes you raise awareness through PR and word of mouth hoping that this may propel your message.

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Bad copywriter. Should have wrote "Nobody likes you"

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The shorter the better. My suggestion: "Jump!"

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we will post that note when you decide to climb onto a bridge

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Yeah, you are right. Message "Nobody likes you" would be great for potential suicider. I think that would be a great help for them.

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He was obviously joking. :)

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You really think that a message "Nobody likes you" would be working positively on a person trying to commit suicide?

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The "You are not alone" copy looks a bit like "There are others waiting to jump. Go"

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Art Director
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1+, you bring up an important thought here.

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yes you are right. it means "hurry up" :)

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Should be "Call me now" or something like that kind of seductive

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was it work???

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40 out of 1500.. So what about the other 1460?

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This bridge is the simbol of suicide in Serbia, since it's named after a famous poet that killed himself by jumping from it. The task was to draw attention to the problem, not to solve it (it would be too much to ask from one campaign, don't you agree?)

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