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May 2016
Stayfree:  Fax
Stayfree Ambient Ad -  Fax


Ambient advertisement created by BBDO, Colombia for Stayfree, within the category: Health.

Advertising Agency: Sancho BBDO, Bogotá, Colombia
Vp Creatives: Hugo Corredor, Giovanny Martinez
Group Directors: Claudia Murillo
Art Director: Claudia Murillo
Copywriter: Andrés Norato
Illustrator: Leonardo Salgado
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Mezooo's picture

...and has suction power like normal paper...?

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Guest commenter's picture

I don't think this works. The intentions are good but not enough to make a great idea.

Guest commenter
sneakyhands's picture

Sept 11th at 9:20AM? yeah, you might wanna change that. my advice is not to fax around bloody (pun?) maxi pads to every office in town.

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Guest commenter's picture

Sneakyhands, i dont understand your comments.(just like some ad's that you need a dictionary)...maybe you too clever and i'm too dumb ?

Guest commenter
copywriter28's picture

This is Cannes.
New media and good idea.

Good work guys.

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Kateter's picture

this is not Cannes. this is rip-off.
old media (done for agency; they were looking for creatives and sent the sum they were offering; example: copywriter wanted, $40.000 a year, logo).
bad idea. extremly bad for this product.

bad work.
really bad.

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Mandark's picture

oh yea..what an amazing idea....send pad faxes arround that all the men inthere start making paper hats and laugh and make airplanes with them...embaress the women at the work place nicely done...sure they'll remember the brand that made their day at the office...
I think the HR will have some though colective meetings about sexual harasement after this fax...

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copywriter |

"U think it's perfect?! Press delete and start again!"

Dale's picture

This misses the mark. The copy is awful and I say that understanding that there are translation issues. The concept is bad because it doesn't target the audience and that should have been obvious when you made the copy explain the concept. All other errors aside, that should have been a red flag when you bantering the idea about.

- Commenting in all caps with poor spelling and grammar is so done before -

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Copywriter at Euro RSCG |

- The only thing more rare than a good ad is a good guest comment -

alvinpck's picture

Seems like the receivers in the photos are men.


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Art Director
iamcreative's picture

This is not cannes.
No way.

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ranggamus's picture

couldn't agree more

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Bandung Institute of Technology
copywriter28's picture

The previous are client's commentaries
Is simple idea, is so thin as a paper.
Ok guys, the board not is a perfect, but is a great job.
Is a great media.

I repeat, is cannes
It is my opinion.

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Chesh's picture

I take it you work for sancho, right?

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scott's picture

very bad

Guest commenter's picture

Is simple, is good. Good job.

Guest commenter
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