City cement trucks

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February 2011
Smart:  City cement trucks
Smart Ambient Ad -  City cement trucks


To visually demonstrate the smart's smallest turning radius, city cement trucks will be transformed into naturally rotating mobile billboards with a smart fortwo coupe on their spinning cement drums. To minimize the environmental footprint, the branded trucks will drive along already established routes (construction sites) which will pass through some of the city's highly-trafficked areas.

Ambient advertisement created by BBDO, Canada for Smart, within the category: Automotive.

Advertising Agency: Proximity Canada/BBDO Toronto, Canada
Creative Director: John Gagne, Peter Ignazi, Carlos Moreno
Associate Creative Director: Rene Rouleau
Art Directors: Rene Rouleau, Andrew Mowbray
Copywriter: Rene Rouleau
Photographer: Don Dixon
Production: Rosanne Woodley
Agency PR: Shari Balga
Account Director: Adam Lang
Account Supervisor: Nevena Djordjevic
Vice President / Account Director: Steve Groh
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Prasad Weerasekara's picture

like it..

Prasad Weerasekara
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MatthiasT's picture

There is a much "smarter" way to dramatize the turning radius:

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jackmancer2017's picture

Well, that's very smart too - I like both, very much :) if one idea is perhaps bit better that doesn't make the other idea bad. You make it sound like that.

de_martin's picture

Nice but already done. Vedett, a Belgian Beer from the same brewery as Duvel, did this many years ago. Thay made and XXL beer bottle from the cement trucks (complete with shopped foam from spinning the bottle). And later they created a webbased game with these trucks on their site.
In fact, I like vedetts marketing strategy. They kept their wooden crates pretty long. And when thay changed to plastic crates, it became a luxe crate with soft rubber handles. They also printed unfamous models on the backlabel. This generated lots of buzz, and now you can order a complete crate with your uploade pic on all 24 bottles.

Image: .
Official Vedett site: (can't find the game anymore)

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jackmancer2017's picture

That's not the same. That's a bit like saying every print ad was been done before "since it's been printed on paper".

Helmet Chrome's picture

Really? There has to be better ways to go about showing the benefit of this product..

Any truck working on a job site is going to get covered in dirt/mud/snow/cement, plus the back doesn't spin unless it's dumping cement so you're driving a truck around without showing off your dirt covered message?

... k

Helmet Chrome
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Glut's picture

it´s well done but i think it will only work here. I´m agree with helmet chrome

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HappyHour's picture

Scam. And not even good scam.

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luispiter's picture

truck... car... what??

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AdBuzzer's picture

It's surely a surprising medium, but frankly speaking I doubt that the "audience" would grasp that it's about turning radius.

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