Come Down From The Tree

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December 2019


For the second time within a few months, Israel cannot form a government and there is only one thing people are talking about - how the president can succeed in bringing the party leaders down from the tree. But since none of the party heads has succeeded in coming down from the tree, we realize there is only thing that can save the State of Israel from a third election cycle.

The Shazar Home & Garden Products chain in Israel has come out with the Ladder Campaign: from its ladders department, it has sent a particularly high ladder to Beit HaNassi, residence of the President of Israel, to help the President bring the party heads down from the tree. Although to this moment none of the party leaders have yet come down from the tree, at least now the President's home is equipped with a ladder to help them down with.

As a result of this campaign, this ladder got a special acknowledgment from the Israeli presidential spokesperson department and was granted by the head chief guard of the presidential security department to pass all the security chain directly to the president.

Ambient advertisement created by Addict, Israel for Shazar Home & Garden Products, within the category: House, Garden.

Advertising Agency: Addict Israel
Executive Creative Director: Oren Meir
Creative Director: Ohad Tsaroom
Art Director: Keren Beitelman
Digital project Manager: Barak Ben Hemo
Media: Shuli Fridman Maharshak
Client Account: Adi Spektor
Executive client Account: Eyal Blackman
Client Manager: Lior shazar
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