Car lock

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January 2008
Semina:  Car lock
Semina Ambient Ad -  Car lock


Ambient advertisement created by Euro RSCG, Brazil for Semina, within the category: Health.

Advertising Agency: Euro RSCG Brazil
Creative Director: Jader Rossetto
Art Director: Alex Sandro Cabeça
Copywriter: Renato Maroni
Photographer: Geison Genga
Graphic Producer: Ingo Ramos dos Santos
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Bundy Agency's picture

looks like an ipod

Bundy Agency
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Art Director
nC's picture

I agree. Before I enlarge the ad, I was thinking which new idea is using in i-pod new ad

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Graphic Designer / HKIVE |


sonucoues2002's picture

its look like ipod in thumbnail view

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JAGGY's picture

What a useful comment!

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Copywriter at TBWA, Mumbai |

Jaggy, MICA Ahmedabad

dynatop's picture

what are they selling?

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Other at cgen media |

from guangzhou/canton china

vidya.shankaran's picture

ha ha ha nice common place idea put to good use :)

its a lubricant.. and strategically placed ad :)

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Mr.Top's picture

Are you shitting me? This is old as sex itself!

Activity Score 728
vidya.shankaran's picture

No doubt its as old as sex.. But if you read carefully what i said .. I said COMMON PLACE Idea! and yes i do appreciate the place where they used this ad...

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Mr.Top's picture

and yes... it looks like a fucking ipod.

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djakuza's picture

and on the top!!!!!! it looks like a iPod ;);)

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Art Director
TheTrickster's picture

I'm sick and tired of ambients stuck on peoples cars. A car is normally pretty damn expensive, and people don't want stickers stuck on it. It's vandalism, and that's hardly gonna benefit the client..

A car is a private sphere, ads stuck on it comes of as intrusive. You wouldn't slash a sticker on someones forehead, would you? That's not morally accepted. Yet.

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Copywriter |


ChuckNorris's picture

It says it's a magnetic thing, not a sticker.

I kinda of like, it's fun.

But would they place it on every car?

I can imagine a mom opening the trunk and her son asking what that thing was.

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Creative Director
TheTrickster's picture

Oh well, magnetic or not, I think my argument is still valid.

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Copywriter |


jazarah's picture

interesting indeed!

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Charlie Pratt's picture

I don't like people messing with my car. My first thought would be, "this better not be a freakin' sticker!" Then I'd be wary. When I discovered it was magnet, I'd be relieved it wasn't a sticker, but I wouldn't be more apt to appreciate this company.

Then I'd have a magnet that only makes sense to leave on my lock, and I'd throw it away, for it has become trash.

Charlie Pratt
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clanofmiller's picture

I'm not really sure, but what cars do you open nowadays with a key? Even more, the person in the pic seems to be unlocking the trunk lock?! I haven't done that in like forever.

Maybe the lubricant TG is people with cars without central locking mechanism, because recent studies have proven that they use lubricants the most, then it would make sense.

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