July 2007


Thrombocid is a cream suitable for treating a range of circulation problems: paraesthesia (pins and needles), tired and heavy legs, varicose veins and bruising caused by knocks.

Thrombocid ran a campaign using conventional media, in which all these applications were explained. But a campaign using non-conventional media was also needed to communicate the one particular application which could significantly increase the number of potential customers: the use of Thrombocid for the treatment of bruising caused by knocks.

To achieve this, it was decided to advertise on the scaffolding put up on buildings being built or renovated. Councils in Spain require builders to put padding on scaffolding bars at street level to prevent pedestrians from hurting themselves should they walk into it. Thrombocid used this padding to convey the fact that it too has the same effect of easing the blow.

Advertising Agency: Tiempo BBDO, Spain
Creative Director: Siscu Molina, Seimi Maza
Art Director: Gabriel Penalva
Copywriter: Guille Ramirez
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i don't read spanish but I gather that the message's short and crisp which is good for this particular placement. Cos I really don't think anybody would bother spending time reading stuff near a construction site.

On the other hand, are there many pedestrians who hurt themselves walking into such bars that it'd register them an association? Maybe its just me.

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Creative Director
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I want to know where i can buy this product, because when I was in Spain for vacations y bought 2 creams and they were marvelous for me.
Please answer me at your earliest convenience.

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