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March 2008
Romanian Association for Promoting Women’s Rights:  Woman, 2


Ambient advertisement created by McCann, Romania for Romanian Association for Promoting Women’s Rights, within the category: Public Interest, NGO.


Pick up the phone and save somebody! Call (0256) 293 203 and report domestic violence situations.

Advertising Agency: Mccann Erickson Romania
Creative Directors: Adrian Botan, Alexandru Dumitrescu
Art Director: Razvan Chifu
Copywriter: Catalin Dobre
Other additional credits: Raluca Iacob
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very good!

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i think its gone be like to everybody!

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Art Director at Ad Agency
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very good!

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interesting, I like it

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very gud !

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As an adman, I think it's forced. But it's probably bound to be effective with the public.

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Uuuuh.. Powerful piece of ad!

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damselincombatboots's picture

Very nice and effective I would think.
Although it bothers me a little that when you hang up the phone, you're punching her in the face again.

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Wordnerd's picture

good point! so make it an ad for the phone company. more money for them if people don't want to hang up again ;)

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Good point--although it kinda says "if you don't help it's like punching her, too".

I like this. Very in your face and interactive.

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A.G. Pennypacker's picture

This was probably an effective piece for the client, but the ad guy in me says it's really, really ugly. The art direction here sucks. It looks like grade schoolers cut out magazine photos and glued them to a phone.

A.G. Pennypacker
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I thought this was a great idea. When I saw it over a year ago in the book of a student named Karl Haddad while he interned at Saatchi & Saatchi London. It was done for the NSPCC child abuse hotline, one of their clients.

That agency happens to be very far away from McCann Erickson Romania. These ads are not "coincidentally" the same. They are blatant rip offs of his work.

I'm not even only talking about the concept and visuals either. Even the copy is the same!!

From Karl's: Pick up the phone and stop abuse
From this one: Pick up the phone and save somebody

Shame on all of you. This is a disgusting act of plagiarism...from a student book no less! The one thing I DO admire is that you actually had the balls to post this on the internet.




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XL's picture

Wow. That's a pretty convincing argument you make.

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wow, unbelievable!

For me, Creativity means impact + ORIGINALITY.

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elkatalinho's picture

Trust me, it is a coincidence.

The fact that you come up with some sketches of a campaign that nobody knows and you make stupid accusations is really a thing that you should be ashamed about.

This campaign really existed? Nobody has even heard about it. Try thinking for a second before starting a world wide conspiracy theory.

Just to give you a taste of the conspiracy theory I could say that these sketches might as well come from your Photoshop, last night.

Please consider thinking next time before you launch yourself in false accusations. You put yourself in an embarrassing position.

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Copywriter at mccann
LeeHarvey's picture

Wow Catalin, someone stept on your dick obviously. I do agree that sometimes similar ideas are developed in different countries at the same time, or earlier. But your comment is way out of line, pointing the finger back. If I was in your position I would apologize and just say it was pure coincidence. Let's assume that is IS coincidence, then you should be glad with most comments, which say that it's a very strong idea. I do agree on that.

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I was only provoked by the annoyingly strong language.
Serenity now!

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Agreed. Chill

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gmint7's picture


i think it is not coincidence..
i wish both of them (student, CD) were here.. see what they throw each other... maybe a bloody deathmatch.

or maybe.. the students fail to sell the idea.and romania cd just happen to pass by the room.. ah!

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The student version was done almost two years ago. Frankly, the student version looks alot better also. It also doesn't require you to pick up the phone to get the message. Anyone passing by can see the CTA and understand/appreciate the ad w/o interaction. We don't need to see that she has a black eye. It's inherent. Wait, is he hitting her w/ the front of his knuckles in the "pro" version? It's more like a punch slap. I don't even think that would hurt! Coincidence or not, they've been called out and it will always be in question.

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I was just wondering how can an obviously fake ad (I never seen a handset in a shape of a fist - please look closely) increase "dramatically" the number of calls...

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