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December 2009
Red Cross:  The Red Cross Hope Store
Red Cross Ambient Ad -  The Red Cross Hope Store


How do we get people to make a donation this Holiday season? We capture the attention of the public in the same place where they are shopping for gifts and spending money. We show them a product that is tangible and activate their participation by demonstrating that the hope in peoples lives depends on them purchasing this product: a book whose pages are blank, whose stories are written with the ink of hope.

Ambient advertisement created by Leo Burnett, Spain for Red Cross, within the category: Public Interest, NGO.

Advertising Agency: Leo Burnett Madrid. Spain
Creative Director: Oscar Lopez-Sainz
Art Director: Julita Pequeño, Seve Ruiz
Copywriter: Oscar Lopez-Sainz
Photographers: Ricardo Saez, Rodolfo Gomez
Additional credits: Natacha Martin, Alvaro Aparicio, Anto Ojeda
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germanhudders's picture

Not precisely a good ad, but the campaign and idea in general is a great concept, one of the best I've ever seen in respect to fund raising and non-lucrative organizations

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Copywriter at Droga5
field's picture

to Red Cross,it's the ultimate aphrodisiac

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nepstein's picture

Does this even belong on AOTW?

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Parsons School of Design
nepstein's picture

Sorry, let me elaborate. This doesn't seem like an ad campaign it seems like a project to create an experience store, and while it may increase revenue or participation, is still not an ad.

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Parsons School of Design
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