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September 2008
Posten:  Comics as stamps
Posten Ambient Ad -  Comics as stamps


Posten, the Swedish Postal Service is releasing a series of stamps, drawn by Swedish comic artists. To promote this Posten is using the comics in alternative media such as advertising on post boxes, a parade of big stamps for two days and quite odd ads.

Ambient advertisement created by Miami Guerrilla Agency, Sweden for Posten, within the category: Transport.


Send me to your friends. Now eight Swedish comics are available as stamps at your local post office.

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Cute girls, I think I might go on a trip

Guest commenter
kid-nm's picture

Terrible. Not ambient at all. People walking around holding a large version of the stamp? Really? How original, at least one of the girls is wearing a newsboy's cap--that's about how old this idea is. I can't believe the average rating is that high.

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