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August 2010


Post Production Company: Promo Post.

Ambient advertisement created by BBDO, Israel for Portfolio Night, within the category: Professional Services.

Advertising Agency: GITAM BBDO, Tel Aviv, Israel
Chief Creative Officer: Guy Bar
Creative Directors: Danny Yakobowitch, Max Shcherbakov
Copywriter: Ronen Levin
Art Director: Yael Gerzon
Photographer: Alon Grego
Graphic Designer: Miriam Moshinsky
Executive Agency Producer: Noga Sagi
Production Company: Rabel Digital
Director: Micha Kinsbruner
Sound Design Company: Tomer Biran
Interactive Designer: Miriam Moshinsky
Programmer: Guy Altman
Flash: Adi Targownik
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Copywriter |

That's me!

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There’s no in between for this one; it will go down as one of those love it or hate it advertisements.

Reality Check
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Out of touch, tasteless, disappointing ?

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soooooo... no

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I can't believe they have done it in Israel where people die daily cause of the war, from the day Israel has been created.
A good idea somewhere else, but stupid and uncaring in Israel

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Absolutely not!

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Creative Director
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How horrible and insensible. Maybe that is why the whole world hates Israel...

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i supose this comment has been written by an arab...

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I didn't like it really. Such a de-tour in saying you're having a portfolio night.

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Comparing what we (creatives) do to those who actually offer their lives (our military) for higher causes is cheap, pathetic and shameful. I'm disgusted.

Guest's picture the Israelis are the ones being killed not the Palestinians... thats interesting

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Production is excellent, but idea is not that good in a country in permanent war.

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Oh my god. This is horrendous. I'm not surprised though. The concept is bang on for a nation of blood thirsty people.

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great idea man, let's stereotype a whole nation for the actions of a few - i think we can all learn from this person, he is truly a light at the end of the tunnel towards peace...

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we must be vampires...

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Utter rubbish. Nice Photography is about all that's good.

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Art Director
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putting politics asside, the idea is very good. holding a blood donation day for invitting new blood is a good idea. the war could be a bit too harsh though.

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an idea that could be a cause of gaining blood!! brilliant... no matter what... this idea created a chance to gain something worth while!!

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The concept is good, however, the topic they used how to provoke and get the message across is ridiculous. They should be ashamed of themselves. This (war) should never be associated with design.

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The only positive thing was the blood donation. But the idea of "new blood" for recruiting new talents for agencies has been done like a million times... And war video was just awfull, aggravated by the fact that was done in Israel. I don't know how the creative directors went along with this idea...

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love it!!!
seeing it in a politic point of view is stupid
great idea

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This "spot" is full of not too subtle political and religious insults through the graffiti on the walls... such as defacing the Palestinian flag with the star of David.

Hackneyed idea. Amateur craft. Very basic thought. Political. And unable to rise above the scum that is the Israeli condition.

But you loved it.

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They just missed the car-bomb. Hate this.

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Ironically this stems too much from the Israeli Palestinian conflict and is just useless.
And then joining with the Israeli blood bank, really? how openly are the pushing that agenda.

Poorly done.

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get another job

aji pam
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Graphic Designer
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Obviously the Israelis are fascinated by war, I don't like this at all...

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Creative Director
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Oh my god! Please leave the advertising area!

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Omg, i just can't believe that this ad was released!

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great post i love it

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