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November 2010
Pop Up:  Bird shit advertising
Pop Up Ambient Ad -  Bird shit advertising


PopUp is an urban culture festival taking place in Lisbon from November 4 to December 11. This year, it has "Urban Nomads" for a theme and pigeons as their icon. Torke was invited to take part on the exhibit as an artist and also asked to develop a low cost and high impact stunt to advertise the festival. Since the connection between Pop Up and the pigeons is well advertised, we chose to take the thing birds do that is the most spread around the city: their shit. Thousands of pigeon shit stickers were put on cars, ATMs, stores and even people near the places where Pop Up will happen. Nothing escaped this true artillery, we were more efficient then the pigeons themselves.

Ambient advertisement created by Torke, Portugal for Pop Up, within the category: Recreation, Leisure.

Advertising Agency: Torke, Portugal
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Guest's picture

pretty great for a shitty idea ;)

Guest's picture

genius break the rules....go Torke

DanielSoares's picture

very good. gets a 9!

Activity Score 126
Copywriter at Art Director @ AKQA San Francisco
Zulu-1's picture

Cool shit... nicely done!

Activity Score 130
Copywriter at Ogilvy
jackmancer2017's picture

Just don't touch my car - but apart from that, pretty good.

CommandZ's picture

Nice load of crap, well done.

Activity Score 2515
Creative Director
Anonymous Author's picture

Excellent use of pigeon poos.

Anonymous Author
Activity Score 1541

Write a wise saying and your name will live forever – Anonymous.

CuriousPencil's picture

Commendable bravery, and in synch with the client/TA: looks like a straight-to-successful trigger of recognition.

Of course you *did* couple it with post-gig wipes.... right?
You can't have left the lasting impression of shii...

...ooooh. Shit.

Maybe next year....

Activity Score 4225
DBB's picture

nice shit

Activity Score 1216
Cheerriiee's picture

that shit is GREAT!

Activity Score 952
Graphic Designer
Guest's picture

the best shit i´ve ever seen! hahaha

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