Poms will whinge

August 2007
 Poms will whinge
 Poms will whinge


The British Council's 'Realise Your Dream' programme awards six creative young Australians with a mentorship in the UK under their chosen British guru. One of these six awards is the Mordant Visual Arts Award, specially dedicated to visual artists. This brief was for a follow up piece once the main campaign had been launched, to remind and encourage young artists to enter this competition.

We produced an integrated campaign based around the thought that 'Poms Will Whinge', because their opportunity to work alongside these leading lights was being taken by 'undeserving' Aussies. (In Australia, it is common practice to jokingly portray the English as a nation of whingers.) Part of the campaign was a viral ad featuring a disillusioned British artist George Burkett. This DM piece was sent to leading art professors at leading art colleges to remind them to encourage their students to enter this competition.

We increased the number of entries by 85% while reducing the cost per application from $68 to $40. The work also generated press coverage worth an estimated $50k. Feedback from the DM was fantastic: "At first it scared the shit out of me. Then I realised what it was. Brilliant. A+." Vaughn Rees - College of Fine Arts UNSW.

Advertising Agency: M&C Saatchi, Sydney, Australia
Creative Directors: Ben Welsh, Dave King
Copywriter: Oliver Devaris
Art Director: Graham Johnson, Gavin McLeod
Account Manager: Gareth Pask
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simple and most importantly engaging



I wish people would stop confusing English with British, Its like saying kiwis are australians, or Canadians are americans.

Scotland, England, Wales and Northern Ireland = British.

England = English, Scotland = Scottish, Wales = Welsh, Northern Ireland = Northern Irish.

Come on Oliver Devaris, if you are writing about abything British, do your bloody research, don't call all brits English.

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We're going to need more lube.

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good work

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