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June 2010
Polo:  Snow Stamp
Polo Ambient Ad -  Snow Stamp


In December 2009 the entire UK was covered by a fresh, white blanket of snow. To take advantage of the fresh, white snow we produced a tactical ambient idea for a fresh, white mint. A "Polo snow stamp". When stamped in thick, fresh snow it left near perfect replica of the iconic white mint.

Ambient advertisement created by JWT, United Kingdom for Polo, within the category: Confectionery, Snacks.

Advertising Agency: JWT, London, UK
Executive Creative Director: Russell Ramsey
Creative Directors: Russell Ramsey, Jason Berry
Copywriter / Art Director: Phillip Meyler, Darren Keff
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love it

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One of those things that puts a smile on your ugly face. Great.

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Art Director
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Wonderful. What does it mean? Who knows, but its so simple and costs almost nothing tat it doesn't really matter.

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love it

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Keep it simple.
what a fantastic idea!!!

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Creative Director at zinkproject Valencia
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"Snow stamping" has been used before but nice, valid ambient for a (well-known?) white mint.

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Very nice idea.

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Ahmed Bahaa
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Art Director at Saatchi & Saatchi |

Ahmed Bahaa

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Don't buyin' it... Sorry.

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These should bring a smile to your face.

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Trifles make perfection, and perfection is no trifle.

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True, snow stamping has been done before.

But this made me smile and seems relevant doesn't it? :)

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This was done in 2008 by a small green agency in London called Mind The Curb for The Extreme Sports Channel

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very "cool" idea really.

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Done this for vw before. Same titel but more relevant.

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~ Quite obviously, I have gathered no moss ! ~

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Someone is obsessed with the Cookies concept & knows how to benefit from it!!!

Well Done.

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Hah, great :D

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cool, love it!

Libor Oubrecht
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It's really cool.. So cool... (double meaning of cool) Love it! ^_^

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Copywriter at Juara Idea Agency
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very smart.

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That's me!

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AWESOME!!...this is a why didn't i think of that execution. I hope it picks up some hardware

Shadow Ops
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Let's keep advertising fun

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Delighted that Natural Media has won its first major advertising award! For more Natural Media check out including our 2008 Extreme snow tagging campaign.

Guest's picture

Delighted that Natural Media has won its first major advertising award! For more Natural Media check out including our 2008 Extreme snow tagging campaign.

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Wasn't this done previously by a company called mindtheCURB or something..? I'm sure there was a lot of stuff on Springwise about a London-based job in 2008/09..? Anyhow, glad to see that examples of sustainable media are being lauded at long last. -R

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So The Extreme Sports Company ( did this the year before which is where these guys agency got the idea from, just never the same 2nd time around !

They are a pioneering brand management and licensing company that owns the Extreme brand, one of the world's most unique sports lifestyle brands. We started The Extreme Sports Channel ( which delivers our brand authenticity, credibility and massive exposure 24/7 across the 58 countries and 48 million homes it broadcasts into. From this we run our portfolio of long term licensing partnerships with market leading companies and operate a number of fast growing businesses across the media, consumer products, and service sectors.

Today we are driving and developing Extreme Hotels and Parks (sports based hotels and theme parks), Extreme Drinks, Extreme Element (sports courses and experiences), Extreme TV and Extreme State Apparel. Our vision is to inspire our consumers to explore and experience the sports and way of life that is the Extreme brand. Our mission is to build Extreme into one of the world’s leading sports life-style brands.

We are making this happen by operating in a more strategic and deeply thought through way than most companies in the licensing sector. We pinpoint gaps in specific market areas, bring in deeply experienced sector specialists to work our target categories with us, develop powerful differentiated consumer propositions and then form long term licensing partnerships with industry leading companies that we support through excellent brand and media marketing integrated with world class creative services.

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CURB media did this waaaay before these guys!!!

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Icy Cool!! Just like the mint!:) Love the idea!

clayology com
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Producer/Director at India |

Ads u create needs Attention!!

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GOLD! imma go out and buy one now!

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love it!

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Graphic Designer at EL TIEMPO (Newspaper)
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