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Very interesting. Thanks for sharing.

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This a car insurance only for really bad drivers... I guess...

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i likey

Ed Mintone
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I don't know if enemy is the right word, but I like this. Nice ambient.

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Some people here are very junior in their comments, when people here do a comment, do it well, not only for this ad, for every ad in this site

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Please care to elaborate on what a good comment would be like.

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i'm impressed by the copywriter's "thinking outside the box"!
they didn't even do "real" posters! it's just tape and the little slogan box. it probably took some time to find the right pillars too...

and i think the word "enemy" is very well chosen. it's somewhat ironic (hm, maybe even sardonic), since the cars hit the pillars, not the other way around. it made ME smile :)

and kaceras:
in your comment, you mean that people are junior and that, while commenting and ad, you should comment EVERY AD ON THIS SITE??? (does that make ANY sense? is it even possible?); or do you mean that not only the people commenting THIS ad, but every single person, commenting EVERY AD IN THIS SITE is junior and should pretty much just shut up...??? i mean... decide man...

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Very interesting. Thanks for sharing.

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Yeah nice try but has been done before; but i agree, this version is nice with the ad being within the box.

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I love it ... it's great.

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"Any customer can have a car painted any colour that he wants,
so long as it is black." - Henry Ford

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Eye catcher. Good idea.

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