The Pepsi Slavic Epopee

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April 2012


As part of Pepsi “Refresh your world” project, we asked 20 young Czech artists to “refresh” the famous “Slavic Epopee” by Alfons Mucha. Artists interpreted the original paintings to reflect different issues facing young people today.

Ambient advertisement created by BBDO, Czechia for Pepsi, within the category: Non-Alcoholic Drinks.

Advertising Agency: Mark BBDO, Prague, Czech Republic
Creative Director: Sndrej Stuk
Art Directors: Ales Kolaja, Lubos Vacke
Copywriters: Jan Holecek, Iva Macku
Digital: Martin Kermes / 2fresh
Account Director: Mirka Korbelova
Account Manager: Sarka Sudova
Production: Jan Soupa, Savage
Executive producer: Jan Daczicky
Producer: Michaela Berkova
Director: Daniel Bird
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disgraceful's picture

so let me get this straight, the modern interpretations of bravery, freedom and community through church is just not giving a fuck? Of all the ways these paintings could've been interpreted, Pepsi chose the ones that to my view portray the Czech youth as a bunch of bratty, spoiled, moronic kids. with all that's going on in the world, and with all the youth have accomplished through collective efforts, this is a disgraceful collection of paintings. it could've been a really nice execution based on a fantastic idea. but fuck it everyone, lets be young and not give a fuck about anything, go Pepsi!

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augustussung's picture

a reinterpretation may not always be something that pleases our ears or eyes. It is the expression of an individual's thoughts and attitude toward modern society, and that's what makes him/her unique - a point of view.

A good pice of work gets people thinking, it can inspire, it can provoke.

To me, this piece of work was a huge success not only because it spoke truth of youths of today, but also because it managed to provoke people like you.

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karruza's picture

so this is what the poster said, well I take back my words, the overall campaign is great then

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kleenex's picture

Great idea.

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Tuco's picture

Alfons Mucha master piece was finished after 20 years of work, and how long it took you Pepsi? in my opinion this is too much pretentious. Use something really old and patriotic to make it again different is not an idea and it is certanly not fresh.

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Fry'O'Bake's picture
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