New Destinations, The Kilt

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May 2010
Norwegian Air Shuttle:  New Destinations, The Kilt
Norwegian Air Shuttle Ambient Ad -  New Destinations, The Kilt


How can you get Stockholmers to pay special attention to Norwegian airline’s low prices on flight to Edinburgh? In addition to a traditional campaign we solved this challenge by converting adshells to the lower half of a Scotsman’s body.

Ambient advertisement created by Volt, Sweden for Norwegian Air Shuttle, within the category: Transport.


Discover Scotlands jewels

Advertising Agency: Volt AB, Stockholm, Sweden
Account Manager: Louise Wallgren
Art Director: Karl Andersson
Copywriter: Petter Nylind
Final Art: Åsa Stjärnquist
Retouch: Staffan Kjellvestad
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Highest Rated

Roger Keynes's picture

A tad cliche, but gets a smile.

Roger Keynes
Activity Score 5498
Copywriter |

The Jobless Writer
Will Think for Salary

CrackerJackFlash's picture

That's hysterical

Activity Score 19603
Creative Director |

AssassinX's picture

This one made me smile. :)

Activity Score 1329
jackmancer2017's picture

Funny idea but I doubt many people would look underneath that. People don't really do that. People in cars passing by can't even. And fabric in public is always a bit dangerous, some kids might put it on fire. Yes I'm being very pessimistic :>

thedesignaddict's picture

It's a fun idea. Clearly meant for pedestrian traffic - not cars.

Activity Score 5403
Art Director at Freelance
Dzsoi's picture

I agree with jackmancer... practically, but my heart is bleeding for this cute creativity.

Activity Score 8611
atb2005's picture

They may not put it on fire, but they can certainly tear it apart. But this is Sweden. I believe the people there are nice. That said, the campaign is wonderful.

Activity Score 13557
Dingleberry Jack's picture

You are absolutely right. Scandinavians in general are very nice people :)

IMO it's an intriguing ad, with a humoristic sense and cute insight.

Dingleberry Jack
Activity Score 246
Guest's picture

Yes I appreciate jackmancers comments, and I was thinking the same thing when I saw the advert. But I love the idea so much that I can see past all the pessimism!

HappyHour's picture

Put this is the right location.. a high tourist traffic area.. and tons of people will look underneath it. Not only that, people will take pictures with it, which can help an ad pay for itself these days. And bus shelter ads are mostly intended for pedestrians, not cars.

Activity Score 2381
Guest's picture

Superb. Only complaint - The bottom of the red rectangle containing the copy should have been visible beneath the skirt, to make people lift up the skirt & read the copy.

Guest's picture


Roger Keynes's picture

A tad cliche, but gets a smile.

Roger Keynes
Activity Score 5498
Copywriter |

The Jobless Writer
Will Think for Salary

akshaysrikar's picture

creative wise niiice.... practical wise fail...

Activity Score 420
Guest's picture

I WOULD so definitely lift up that kilt to see what's underneath... how can anyone with any imagination or sense of humour, not!?

Guest's picture

This was already done with a woman's skirt a few years back.

Guest's picture

It engages the audience, while still sitting stationary. And it creates a story for the audience. That way, when they tell friends, they pass on the idea. Very subversively effective.

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