Your Game is Your Voice

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June 2011
Nike:  Your Game is Your Voice
Nike Ambient Ad -  Your Game is Your Voice


Brief Explanation: With the asia games in full swing during 2010, strict government regulations and non-sponsor status meant we needed a non-traditional approach to make some impact. Most brands focused on the athletes, we chose to focus on the kids of guangzhou to deliver an inspirational brand message. Many local kids were no longer able to participate in sports as their city and many of its facilities were taken over by the games. our goal was to shine a spotlight on the local kids, inspire them to do more sport, and celebrate their achievements.

Describe the brief from the client: Running off the back of the 2010 asia games, nike wanted to make a strong brand statement to the youth of guangzhou, connecting them to the spirit of the brand. The key goal of this campaign was to inspire guangzhou kids to play with pride on their home turf, strengthening their connection to the brand through sport, whilst leveraging the energy of the games.

Description of how you arrived at the final design: Guangzhou athletes are quiet but confident, they don’t trash talk, or boast, instead expressing themselves through their game. This campaign was about bringing this spirit to life, how actions can speak louder than words. we visualized our kid’s inner voice exploding from inside of them, triggered by sport, the creative pushing beyond the traditional boundaries of the medium, to heighten impact. A key location we used was a basketball court, where we created a court wrap that extended out to an entire neighboring apartment block, similarly with subway executions that broke traditional formats extending across physical environments.

Indication of how successful the outcome was in the market: The court wrap execution provoked immediate response from residents and athletes alike. What followed was a storm of media attention, including a 3 minute news segment broadcast on several tv stations, in addition to stirring up thousands of views, posts, uploads and comments across social media channels including bbs forums, microblogs, and video channels.

Ambient advertisement created by Wieden + Kennedy, China for Nike, within the category: Fashion.

Advertising Agency: Wieden + Kennedy, Shanghai, China
Art Director: Andrew Wilcox
Executive Creative Director: Nick Cohen
Creative Director: Conan Wang
Designer: Howl Lee
Photographer: Thierry Des Fontaine
Copywriter: Thomas Tsang
Art Buyer: James Li
Account Supervisor: Jason Wang
Advertiser’s Supervisor: Sukwan Chae
Account Manager: Gavin Lum
Planner: Dominic Tan
Designer: Howl Lee
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no concept, just nice graffiti

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This is good. OOTB. Like it!

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Creative Director
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I've seen better street grafitti, so this wins on its strong concept instead... oh wait, there is no concept...

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like it.

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Glut's picture

no concept, just nice graffiti

Activity Score 3907
Public Relations at Glut. Ideas Boutique.
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Branding overreach, and no real concept. So glad Cannes didn't have any better word to award.

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