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May 2011
Natuur&Milieu:  Tofu Dress
Natuur&Milieu Ambient Ad -  Tofu Dress


Holland’s Next Top Model, Kim Feenstra, wears a golden tofu dress at the première of Zorro the Musical totally in style of Lady Gaga (meat dress!) This stunt was set up by Raúl&Rigel and was part of the campaign of Stichting Natuur & Milieu to promote the website, a kind of ebay where you can buy and find more info about meat alternatives. Flexitariërs are people who don’t eat meat one or more days a week because of the damage consequence to the environment.

Ambient advertisement created by Raúl&Rigel, Netherlands for Natuur&Milieu, within the category: Fashion.

Advertising Agency: Raúl&Rigel, Netherlands
Creative Director / Art Director: Alexis Verschueren
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gioborde's picture

Unless theres a sign attached to it saying its made of tofu, i really dont think it gets the point across

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I agree.....

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RaulRigel's picture

The sexy tofu dress gained a lot of attention of the journalists on the red carpet, during the enormous amount of interviews Holland's Top Model Kim Feenstra explained the journalists why she was wearing that dress! So that 's how we got the point across!

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F.Abboud's picture

I agree; it's the PR Coverage and buzz about the dress that deliver the message. I love the idea

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sorry I still don't get it. what this ad means?

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