“PSST” poster that literally makes You walk more.

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April 2019
MTS: “PSST” poster that literally makes You walk more.
MTS Ambient Ad - “PSST” poster that literally makes You walk more.


To support the telecom operator's campaign which pushes people to walk and exchange their steps for megabytes and minutes, agency created the “PSST” poster that literally sparks the desire to walk.

Being inspired by the moving power of people's curiosity, we created a unique font size that can be read only if person comes close enough to the poster. The special offer was written with that font.

By interacting with poster telecom subscribers moved few more steps closer to the goal.

Advertising Agency: FORTE GREY Creative Agency, MInsk, Belarus
Creative Director: Eugene Ivasyuk
Creative Director: Andrei Pahodnia
Account Director: Nasta Astrauskaite
Designer: Ivan Vyshka
Designer: Hanna Sidarenka
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