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July 2009

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Ambient advertisement created by Y&R, Peru for Movistar, within the category: Professional Services.

Advertising Agency: Young & Rubicam Perú
Executive Creative Director: Flavio Pantigoso
Copywriter: José Miguel Rivera
Art Director: Erick Galván
Agency Producer: Patricia de la Cuba
Production Assistant: Andrea del Valle
Production: Cine70, Lima
Director: Ricardo Maldonado
Direction Assistant: Antonio Quijano
Executive Producer: Paola Pastrana
Audio: Digital Audio Studios, Lima
Audio Producers: Ricardo Núñez, Claudia Incio
Audio Producer: Erick Falcón
General Manager: Eduardo Grisolle
Account Supervisor: Manuel Ahumada
Client Approval: José Luis Gamero, Luis Eduardo Garván, Fiorella Espejo
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it copycat the technique from japanese tv program!!

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That was fun to watch.

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grand! brilliant. awesome.

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one should not take life so seriously - as one will not come out of it alive.

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it copycat the technique from japanese tv program!!

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SO ?

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i didn`t know . that youtube is the new creative director for agencies - that don`t have any ideas for their clients products

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The technique, not the idea. Which is totally different. And that is what youtube and arts and techniques are meant for.
What you do with the technique is called talent.

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there u have neither stolen the techniquie - nor thats almost the same idea - get creative guys and not only by youtube

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being creative it`s that what `s calling talenting - and not imitating - so you waste your time during your study - you won't set the world on fire

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so many ppl to steal sth. cmon

get original

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I liked the way how the tweak the sky to look that blue and clear. Other than that, just average.

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This idea must be awarded

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yep, but only the original idea

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and the idea was invented by the japanese

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This idiot says the idea of the commercial was invented by the Japanese. The ad idea or the theatrical technique? Go and do something as good as this.

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Go and do something as good as this.

oh boy thats not difficult - i will have a look on youtube and find a client for the founded stuff - and done is a `brilliant`commercial - hohoho
i didn`t say that japanese invented this obvious commercial - you copied nor only the technique but also even the idea of the football part - very poor for an creative guy

piont 2

When commenting please acknowledge the following guidelines: Be respectful and helpful.

why are you so unrespectful with your answers? - if you can`t sustain any critiques of your work - why do you post your work here in this community --

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Oh, Da Big Sheriff Of The Malicious Patrol is touché.

First of all it is NOT my work -I wish I had do something like this- but YES, I'm just defending something brilliant against people like you. Why? Because for me, as for most of the people I guess, it is so obvious that this idea is conveying what you can find out there on the web in order to explain what the product can bring to you, that the only explanation for your comments is ENVY and "mauvaise foi" -oui, take the dictionary my friend.

Assuming that the product is a mobile internet, this is a representation of what you can find and share on the web thanks to the product... and in this case you NEED to represent something famous and known from the internet to show that idea, otherwise it wouldn't work. So I fully understood this is not a case of copy, but one of justified use. According to your theory, any spot from any cable TV that puts images of Terminator or Mary Poppins in order to announce what is part of its offer, would be a copy.

Get constructive of feel free to make your liver burst now... Case closed Sheriff. Bye.

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creative idea! and nice to watch

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