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really creative stuff.

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are u sure?

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i think its the line that bothering me...'beat the blank paper?'...i think they should have been more specific about the fear of sitting in front of this blank piece of paper and how its all in your mind...just like those silly monsters that dont really exist..no need to be afraid....coulda worked better...

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as soon as the monsters are visible the blank sheet's been beaten

Frane Rectal
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What a bunch of stupidity all these comments, for God's sake.

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how about u come up with somnething better?

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The creatives were inspired by your sister and mom's face, there wasn't nothing better.

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please, nathaniel, i told you before... you have to take the dick out of your mouth when you wanna say something

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speaking of which, its ok. But it wouldn't work for me. Its interesting how they used the watermark. Dunno, must be a way to use it better i think.

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Don´t worry guys this Peruvian Institute of Advertising doesn´t exist !!!

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i live in peru
i think that ad never went public
ipp is or was or still dont know one of the best graphics, ads that exist in peru
but i think that ad was make for first year students
is not good enough ... and .. well i don not konw
they say at ipp, only mom's children study there ...
but anyway, for first year students is enough or not

it was funny holyspirit to say it doesnt exist
if the director of the inst read this might have a heart attk,lol

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