Pictionary Mall Surprise

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October 2014


Ambient advertisement created by TrojanOne, Canada for Mattel, within the category: Gaming.

Advertising Agency: TrojanOne, Toronto, Canada
Chief Creative Officer: Graham Lee
Executive Creative Director: Gary Watson
Art Director: Graham Lee
Copywriter: Gaby Makarewicz
Consumer Engagement Team: Imran Choudry, Danielle Minard, Kristyn Turner
Digital / Agency Production Team: Mark Stewart, Garrett Reynolds, Kevin Burke
BA Recruitment: Justin Orfus, Moira MacDonald
Agency Producer: Laurie Maxwell
Production Company: studio m
Executive Producer: Mike Mills
Line Producer: Jonny Pottins
Director: TJ Derry
Cameras: Dave Derry, Jon Staav, Bruce William Harper
Editor: Jesse Manchester, studio m
Colour Grade: RedLab
Music & Sound Design: Imprint Music
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We've seen so many similar ideas before.

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An axe murderer of ads.

VincentA's picture

“Waou” is my first impression after seeing this ad for Mattel’s games: I want this Teddy Bear.

Everything in this video is resume by the simple sentence at the end of it: “Anytime Is Game Time”. In fact, in a mall, people may not expect to have fun and share a good time with total strangers.
But thanks to this real time video billboard and the Pictionary, which is just the perfect game to play if we are with a non-sound billboard, Mattel created an event in this place in Canada by offered games so people can keep playing back home and spread the word about what happened, some huge gifts such as an enormous Teddy Bear, or some musical and visual good time with the marching band.

But what is the real impact of such an event? Is it big by itself or is the video on YouTube and how viral it may become which the essential part of the communication plan?
For myself, I have never participated at any event of this kind and I only had the chance to watch it on Internet, what about you?
It almost seems fake for me because I have no idea if I would have stop to play Pictionary with a billboard, I mean this is weird in a first place. Maybe if the billboard was speaking to me I would have stop and ask myself “what is happening?” but not with a simple man smiling and not moving a lot.

To conclude and I hope to have your feedbacks about it, I wonder if this ever happened to you. I also think this ad is well conceived, the people seems really happy on the video, seems to have a great time, but as long as I have never participated myself at one of these kind of events, it seems too fake for me.

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Vincent A., ASU student, Advertising Management

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agree with you, why would anyone stare at a boring looking poster in the beginning. i'm not sure if this is fake or not, but all in all, this just doesn't have too many unexpected surprises.

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Hugo Paredes's picture

Amazing, love the commercial and the concept what better way to create to tell a story than to create one, it not only brings smiles to the audience but look at the people, at the mall even the audience smiled and got excited with the player, the whole add convey FUN, from playing a game at the mall with a billboard then they brought it up a notch by making it, interactive with the player and the audience at the time. It increases brand credibility because we get to see first-hand how happy and excited people get by just playing a simple Pictionary game, it builds brand loyalty because it makes you smile and be happy at an unexpected loyalty making sure that next time you want to feel that you might think of a board game not only that on “Mattel”. It even gave the player real prices including their own games, a way of sampling the products. Another thing that I liked was the fact that it is relays on people curiosity; what would have happened if no one would have played. The idea itself it unexpected nobody was expecting someone to come out of nowhere with a huge stuffed bear, or a marching band.

Perfect definition of their campaign name “any time is game time”

Hugo Paredes
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We've seen so many similar ideas before.

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An axe murderer of ads.

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Nice idea.

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