Super smooth

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May 2016
Lux:  Super smooth


Ambient advertisement created by JWT, China for Lux, within the category: Health.

Advertising Agency: JWT, Beijing, China
Creative Directors: Jordan Hsueh, Sun ShanKun
Art Director: Chris Yan
Copywriter: Wang Su
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elgrecones's picture

so u use the product and get the sensation that there are thousands of sharp baldes slidding on your back!
lol... tis a good idea, but i have the feeling that it is a little fake..

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diegote's picture

like mrs. gulliver s nightmare.

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sonucoues2002's picture

i like the first one

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Dick Huges's picture

lol really bad idea. since when people want their skins to be like ice?

Dick Huges
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puppiepoppy's picture

You see those ideas all the time when the junior comes in for interview...then you think "You're not soooooooooooo hiring this chap". Then, somehow you see these ideas here.

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eddietanhk's picture

totally agree. great idea!!!

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mlsman5000's picture

This is bullshit, if that was projected on to the ice there would be shadows cast and the image would appear on the backs and or heads of the skaters. Might want to fix the photo retouching before Cannes.

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Saatchi & Saatchi
gmint7's picture


i think what he meant by "project" is not realli projecting from ceiling projector

coz i know there is a layer beneath the ice that you can use.. (where they can print and draw those hockey goal lines)

i like it. but maybe expensive to do?

the blue layout sucks by the way IMO

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dynatop's picture

projecting the image in the whole ice surface, is it possible???

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from guangzhou/canton china

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Skaters commented that it was very interesting and that they thought we were the cleverest people in the world. They said that if it was up to them, we would win multiple awards. Further, they said that we were super awesome.

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iT-iS-i's picture

Arggghh, get off your high horse matey. You're deluded dear friend. Icy cold lotion, be careful of frostbite when applying... Pffff... Super awsomely deluded.

Add insult to injury then burn the candle at both ends.

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:: Put your ears against the ground so i can walk over what you heard::

Copydog's picture

I skated several years ago... but I remember that ice was very unpolished because of the sharp skates. I don´t like it.

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funky_frogii's picture

awesome ad/,,,,,,,,,amazing............................superb.....

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