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August 2009
L'Oreal:  Solmaforo
L'Oreal Ambient Ad -  Solmaforo


Art Directors: Brenda Oseguera, Lorena Alvarado, Roberto Lozada Copywriter: Karina Jiménez

Ambient advertisement created by Grupo Ferrer, Mexico for L'Oreal, within the category: Health.

Advertising Agency: Grupo Ferrer Comunicación, Mexico
V.P. Creative: Agustín Rivero
Creative Director BTL: “Chelo” Blanco
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Fantastic it will help people realize when to protect themselves from the sun

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I can think of some roads in the US that lead to beaches where the traffic gets really bad that this would be really useful. This is a great idea.

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Very good activation idea. Two thumbs up!

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nice idea! I hope you also cared for the campaign performers that spent hours on a motorway under the sun...

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I don't care what people say, this is pure sampling, with a traffic light.
Take some pictures, put it in a black template with Challenge, Solution and Result, and feel like there's an idea in it. The first comments are from the clients or the agency.

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