The brick thing

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January 2013
Lego Ambient Ad -  The brick thing


Blind people are unable to read street names. That's why we created a braille system made from lego which will help make the streets name accessible on sidewalks.

Ambient advertisement created by Miami Ad School, Spain for Lego, within the category: Gaming.

Advertising School: Miami Ad School, Madrid, Spain
Creative Director: Antonio Castillo
Art Director: David Planells
Copywriter: Yerai Gómez
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Bruno Brasileiro's picture

The idea is really good, but since braille is based on dots on a surface wouldn't the Lego pieces make it all confusing (since the surface has dots too)? I can see this working really well for other brands, though. Nice one!

Bruno Brasileiro
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Copywriter at Area 23
Seldoon Eeffoc's picture

There are single dot bricks, and flat bricks also that could be used.

Seldoon Eeffoc
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Graphic Designer at Wichita State University
eins-eins-null's picture

i don't see any link to the product. main question: why? it's completely random.

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emiliete's picture

Brilliant idea, horrible resolution. Don't do it for adults, in the middle of the street??? wtf???? It makes no sense at all... do something in a school for blind children or something like that...
Haced algo con la ONCE, un taller especial en el que los niños aprenden a leer jugando o yo qué sé. La idea es cojonuda pero la habéis ejecutado que es ciencia ficción.

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Copywriter at WMcCann
kleenex's picture

It also needs flat bricks which they make as well.

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Web Designer/Developer
Spanky's picture

This doesn't make sense. No one would make signs out of Legos. If there were a need for signs, they would simply make them out of metal. Also, blind people would have no idea where these signs are supposed to be. They would never be searching for them.

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DaAvitar's picture

This makes absolutely no sense

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Seldoon Eeffoc's picture

It's a creative idea, but unfortunately, I don't know how practical it would be.

Seldoon Eeffoc
Activity Score 104
Graphic Designer at Wichita State University