Leaf against racism

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October 2008
 Leaf against racism
 Leaf against racism


Other additional credits: Thanks to the sponsoring organisations behind this campaign, Alianssi, Keks, Rasmus.


Imagine a world without colour.
A leaf against Racism

Advertising Agency: Trust Creative Society, Tampere, Finland
Creative Director: Jaani Vaahtera
Art Director: Jacqueline Frueh
Copywriter: Johanna Meurman
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more like litter against racism

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A little sad because the leaf is still white. Great intention, not so good execution. The colour in nature is a beautiful thing, the strategy to this guerrilla attempt is flawed. "Imagine a world without colour" - how about NO!

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Now... inspire me!

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No colour people? Besides, thanx for the trash on the floor thats a good one for the city.

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Change it, change it now coz they will tomorrow.

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Yeah this misses the mark. What's the pay off for someone actually doing this? I don't think the public would be convinced that placing a piece of paper in a tree is objecting to racism so much as objecting to fall.

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Critical Intent Adblog

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Object to racism by littering? No. Weak call to action. In fact, it could even be taken to mean that a world without color would be better. Start over.

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why should the leaf be WHITE?

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why should the leaf be WHITE?

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Hahaha just gonna literally start littering the town with leaflets. Fight racism with pollution! Fail.

missed my turn
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A world without color? What a lame ad.

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Ouch. The road to advertising hell is paved with good intentions and bad executions.

I realise you're trying to counter racism, and that's noble. You just really missed it here. As has been pointed out, you've created a white leaf to place in a colourful surrounding. Those colours are lovely and we all appreciate them. Imagine a world where all the leaves were white and dull and that's not a good place.

Secondly, the copy is just bad. Regardless of the execution, cutting out a leaf and placing it on the ground or sticking it to a tree is hardly combating racism. When racism has been fought effectively it has involved a great deal of painful sacrifices; look into the civil rights movement in the States if you want to understand it more. People put their lives on the line and you're advocating a cut and paste, scrapbooking approach to fight racism. It wasn't your intention, but you trivialize racism with this. You picked a high-profile problem that doesn't have a simple answer. You're trying to provide a simple answer and that's why this was doomed to fail from the beginning.

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and if the world would have no color then racism will cease completely.

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the whole POINT is they're saying the world would be ugly if all the leaves were white. therefore, color is beautiful, and therefore, people of COLOR are beautiful and every person, regardless of color, is beautiful and special and deserves respect. because together we make up a beautiful world full of differing people of differing backgrounds who make this world interesting.

to quote: "Those colours are lovely and we all appreciate them. Imagine a world where all the leaves were white and dull and that's not a good place."
maybe we should learn to appreciate people of all colors and not just leaves...

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It might have been better and maybe more convincing if this ad were grey scale. Maybe just have the tree and leaves on the ground in grey scale with the rest of the city/park were in color. Get rid of the big white leaf that seems to promote white power/pride. If you want, have the taped on piece of paper forced down towards the bottom and then just have a simple headline of "Imagine a world without color." Then have your logo right next to it. THe guerrilla marketing campaign with the paper leaflets everywhere is only going to litter up the park and city. The someone will make a nature ad about how your leafletes re littering.

Do you like how I have suggestions instead of being ignorant and saying I dont like it without giving a reason why or suggestions to make it better?

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